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Welcome to Respawn's website!

We are a Aion guild that resides on the server Meslamtaeda. Our leaders have lots of expereince in past mmo's like World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Warhammer, and many others. We are a mature group of mostly adults 18-up, we are looking to be one of the best guilds on our server and dominate both PVE and PVP.

The most important thing though is that we have fun doing it. Why play a game if your not having fun? Thats why we try to be as laid back as possible on vent and in game, but at the same time when we are on the battlefield we will command the flow of battle and destroy our enemies as we must.

We only have a few rules or guidelines that we want our legion to follow.

1. Vent is a must, we use vent as not just a tool for raiding and grouping but a form of communication. We feel like using vent brings the legion together and gets rid of the constant text in legion chat. The bottom line is you get to know your legion better. This does not mean in anyway that you have to be on vent every single day. It means make effort to get on vent and be a part of the legion.

2. If you have to be inactive for a certain period of time, please let a Centurion know ahead of time if at all possible. If we see you are inactive for 10 days a in-game mail will be sent warning you that you will be removed. If we have no response on the 15th day of inactivity you will be removed. If we feel that your situation is reasonable you will be invited back to the legion upon your return.

3. Be respectful to fellow legion members at all times, we know there will be times that things get out of hand or people argue. Just keep in mind we want our legion to be as drama free as possible.

4. Must be 18 or older (We will bend this rule for people that we think will fit in with the legion.). Our vent chat is not monitored which means anything goes, but at the same time we will not tolerate any racial slurs or any demeaning of any kind.


New Aion Video!

Airrows, Oct 19, 09 6:14 PM.
Thought this video was kinda cool so why not share it? lol

Rank 3 and Abyss

Airrows, Oct 11, 09 1:46 AM.
We are almost there! With only 200,000 more kinah to go we should be rank 3 within the next day or 2. Thank you to everyone that has worked hard to donate kinah to make this happen!

Some of us are now entering the abyss which means our ranking on the server will do nothing but grow. With only a few of us level 25 and in the abyss we will focus on helping other members with any quests or anything else needed to get the rest of us to level 25 and in the abyss.

Again thank you to everyone for making this legion a success so far, and I look forward to nothing but more.

Guild website up and functional!

Airrows, Oct 3, 09 7:22 PM.
The guild website is now up and fully functional. Everyone please sign up and fill out a membership app. I appreciate it and look forward to killing some white wings!
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